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Gauge Item #  Description Cost
4mm 1906 BR class 47 ScotRail set £7.50
4mm 1909 Haymarket (HA) depot pack £4.90
4mm 3097 ScotRail Express detail pack (suit Extreme Etchings) £5.90
4mm 3098 ScotRail Express detail pack (suit Lima, Jouef, etc) £5.90
4mm 3099 ScotRail mk2/3 coach numbers & black brandings £4.50
4mm 3296 Black InterCity SC prefixes £2.50
4mm 3458 Black ScotRail passenger mk3 numbers set B £1.60
4mm 47702-2 Renumber/rename: 47702 Saint Cuthbert (BR blue/ScotRail/NSE) £6.90
4mm 47707-2 Renumber/rename: 47707 Holyrood £6.50