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NIR Translink Gatwick strips (3 standards)
Product code: 4mm-5658 Home > Transfers > 4mm Irish

Make: Railtec
Gauge: 4mm / OO
Type: Waterslide
Cost: £29.90
Qty in stock: 99
Qty in basket:
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Livery:NIR Translink Blue/Aqua/Grey

This item needs to be printed. Please allow up to 14 days, though often it's much sooner.
  • 6 one-piece full length strips sufficient for application to mk2e standard vehicles. Note that these will cover the mk2 in one full hit - no cutting/splicing!
  • Running numbers/flashes available as pack 4mm-5657.
  • Strips for generator van and other standards available as pack 4mm-5659.

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