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Latest Transfer Releases     ::    32 new packs in the last 30 days Customer Images
7mm PL1014 3d nameplates: 47501 Craftsman (parcels)
7mm 1420 Class 60 detail pack
4mm RN1291 Renumber/rename: 47501 Craftsman (parcels)
4mm 1420 Class 60 detail pack
4mm RN1288 Renumber/rename: 47474 Sir Rowland Hill
4mm RN1290 Renumber/rename: 47515 Night Mail
4mm RN1289 Renumber/rename: 47611 Thames
4mm RN1287 Renumber/rename: 47640 University of Strathclyde (parcels)
4mm PL1195 3d nameplates: The Enterprising Scot (47492)
4mm 7189 SEA ex-SPA Cardiff Rod Mill Railfreight wagon: variant A
4mm 8059 POA Blackadder chevrons
7mm 1026 1960s pre-TOPS diesel depot codes: Western region
7mm PL1006 3d nameplates: Warspite / Hercules (GBRf) incl crest
4mm 2265 Complete loco: First Great Western dark blue class 57
4mm 2250 First Great Western HST power car poppy motifs
7mm 7190 SEA ex-SPA Cardiff Rod Mill Railfreight wagon: variant B
2mm 2745 RTC Test Car 5 ADB975051 - early RTC livery
4mm 8106 PWA UKF Fertiliser vans
7mm 8106 PWA UKF Fertiliser vans
7mm 4104 10" BRITISH RAILWAYS lettering: steam locos
4mm RN1284 Renumber/rename: 37425 Concrete Bob (DRS)
2mm 2713 RTC Laboratory 3 RDB 975002: original livery
4mm 4157 WD/ROD War Department wagon fleet: yellow
4mm 6460 Carflat Motorails: full detail
4mm 7210 BR Lowmac EP / SC dia 2/242
7mm 1592 Network SouthEast Thames motifs

4mm-9002: George Dent

7mm-6341: Pete Waterman

4mm-2661: PH Designs