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Latest Transfer Releases     ::    45 new packs in the last 30 days Customer Images
7mm 7978 BP gas oil TTA tanks: full detail pack B
4mm RN1213 Renumber/rename: 43014 The Railway Observer (red plates)
4mm RN1214 Renumber/rename: 47509 Albion
4mm RN1216 Renumber/rename: DRS/ScotRail Saltire 68007 Valiant
4mm RN1215 Renumber/rename: DRS/ScotRail Saltire 68006 Daring
4mm RN1212 Renumber/rename: DRS 68003 Astute
4mm RN1211 Renumber/rename: DRS 68009 Titan
4mm RN1210 Renumber/rename: DRS 68004 Rapid
4mm 6007 Not to be loose/hump shunted / shunt with care (black)
4mm RN1163 Renumber/rename: 60001 Steadfast (sub-sector)
4mm RN1192 Renumber/rename: 73116 73210 Selhurst
4mm RN1157 Renumber/rename: 37275 37402 Oor Wullie
4mm RN1152 Renumber/rename: 37027 Loch Eil (BR blue, large logo)
4mm RN1146 Renumber/rename: 37413 Loch Eil Outward Bound (Large logo)
4mm RN1143 Renumber/rename: 56053 County of Mid Glamorgan (RF)
4mm RN1123 Renumber/rename: 56038 Western Mail (BR blue)
4mm RN1140 Renumber/rename: 50040 Leviathan (BR blue / LL)
4mm RN1184 Renumber/rename: 45022 Lytham St Annes
4mm RN1132 Renumber/rename: 87031 Hal o the Wynd
4mm RN1149 Renumber/rename: 86205 City of Lancaster
4mm RN1120 Renumber/rename: 50048 Dauntless (Large logo)
4mm RN1139 Renumber/rename: 50009 Conqueror (BR blue / LL / NSE)
4mm RN1206 Renumber/rename: 37207/37675 William Cookworthy
2mm RN1001 Renumber/rename: 37207/37675 William Cookworthy
2mm RN1002 Renumber/rename: 37043/37413 Loch Lomond
4mm RN1207 Renumber/rename: 37412 Loch Lomond

4mm-9002: George Dent

7mm-6341: Pete Waterman

4mm-2661: PH Designs