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Latest Transfer Releases     ::    42 new packs in the last 30 days Customer Images
4mm 6487 EWS BYA renumbering pack A
4mm 6488 EWS BYA renumbering pack B
4mm 8566 Cargowaggon single van Hbfins
4mm RN1307 Renumber/rename: 31445 Our Eli
4mm RN1306 Renumber/rename: 86252 The Liverpool Daily Post (red plates)
4mm 1787 Freightliner (orange) black lining
4mm 1784 Complete loco: Freightliner (orange) class 90
2mm 7178 BR 20t strip coil dia 1/423
2mm 4154 War Department WD brandings: rolling stock (yellow)
2mm RN1008 Renumber/rename: 47526 Northumbria
4mm TI11 Tinsley 47481 SUNSTAR
4mm RN1282 Renumber/rename: 37800 Glo Cymru (black plates)
4mm RN1293 Renumber/rename: 55006 The Fife & Forfar Yeomanry
4mm RN1298 Renumber/rename: 47503 The Geordie
4mm RN1292 Renumber/rename: 60050 Roseberry Topping
4mm RN1296 Renumber/rename: 26001 Eastfield (red plates)
4mm RN1299 Renumber/rename: 60004 Lochnagar
4mm RN1297 Renumber/rename: 26001 Eastfield (black plates)
4mm RN1303 Renumber/rename: 50047 Swiftsure (BR blue / LL)
7mm 7455 ZJV Mermaids
4mm 8455 JPA Colas Tarmac bogie cement brandings
7mm C47053 Complete loco: Eastfield / Haymarket Large Logo 47 w/your number
7mm PL1017 3d nameplates: 50008 Thunderer (Hanson & Hall plates)
7mm 6453 BR 12t VEA vans incl small Railfreight logos
7mm PL1007 3d nameplates: Defiance (GBRf) incl crest
4mm 6700 BR standard 12t banana vans

4mm-9002: George Dent

7mm-6341: Pete Waterman

4mm-2661: PH Designs