22 Dec 2022 update

If you are making contact to seek the whereabouts of an item recently dispatched, please be aware that there are multiple factors which are severely hampering items being delivered via the Royal Mail network. These include:

- The seasonal burden;

- Numerous days of industrial action by Royal Mail. There have been 8 days of strikes in the past month alone, with more to come.

Consequently, many items are taking up to 3 weeks to arrive as mail piles up both ahead of and during strike action. In fact Royal Mail have been far from normal since the end of the summer. I appreciate this is frustrating but there is little that can be done until Royal Mail sort themselves out. Items are gradually getting through - some faster than others as they travel through different hubs - but please expect significant delays. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

The contact form is currently unavailable pending a re-design, nothing more. Railtec is otherwise fully open as normal and the remainder of the web site remains fully functional.

In the unlikely event that there is any kind of problem with something you have ordered, please use the email address on the accompanying instruction sheet, or simply reply to the automated email that you will have received from the web site when the order was placed (you may need to check in your Junk folder as your email provider may have filtered it into there). Note that the automated email upon order confirmation will have gone to the email address associated with your PayPal account. If you have placed and paid for an order, a contact email address is also provided on the PayPal transaction in your PayPal account.