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Gauge Item #  Description Cost
4mm 1218 Complete loco: TOPS BR blue class 20: LMR / Eastern £5.50
4mm 1219 Complete loco: TOPS BR blue class 20: Scottish £5.50
4mm 1286 Toton (TO) hopper / MGR power station motifs £3.50
4mm 1454 Complete loco: BR Railfreight (original) 20 £4.50
4mm 1645 Sub-sector Toton TO: 3D loco depot plaques £5.90
4mm 6026 HHA / HXA bogie coal hoppers: Freightliner numbers £4.90
4mm 6031 HTA bogie coal hoppers: EWS numbers £4.50
4mm 6376 HEA: BR MGR hopper data panels: white £3.90
4mm 6474 MGR hopper add-on pack incl Coal sector motifs £7.50
4mm 6479 HFA: BR MGR hoppers £5.90
4mm 6951 BR TOPE ZCV 21t coal hopper £4.90
4mm 7060 HAA MGR hopper set including Scottish brandings £10.90
4mm C5810 Complete loco: BR Railfreight 58 w/ your number £5.50