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Gauge Item #  Description Cost
4mm 9013 Mind The Gap: yellow (suits station platform) £4.90
4mm 9014 Station platform safety lines: yellow £6.90
4mm 9015 Mind The Gap: white (suits station platform) £3.90
4mm 9016 Station platform safety lines: white £6.90
4mm 9020 Trackside set B £4.90
4mm 9027 BR station signage: privatisation set A £4.90
4mm 9051 Semaphore signal detail pack £3.90
4mm 9053 Signal plate ID & telephone marking pack (BR onwards) £3.50
4mm 9054 Signal plate ID & telephone marking pack (pre-nationalisation) £3.50
4mm 9927 Hi-vis vest logos: British Rail, Police, BTP, Ambulance £3.50
4mm 9964 BR era luggage trolley signs w/ your station name £3.90
4mm 9975 Custom 3d name boards (suit signal box, station names etc) £5.90