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Gauge Item #  Description Cost
7mm 1088 Orange cantrail stripe lining (285mm lengths) £6.90
7mm 1089 Orange cantrail stripe lining: double width (285mm lengths) £6.90
7mm 1093 White lining: BR blue, RTC, Strathclyde PTE, etc £12.90
7mm 3011 Passenger stock 3 inch yellow 1st class / red catering lining £6.50
7mm 4060 BR maroon coach lining £15.90
7mm 6703 Tank wagons: pressurised gas orange stripes (180mm) £6.90
7mm 7655 TTA Distillers CO2 tanks: STS pack A £10.90
7mm 7656 TTA Distillers CO2 tanks: STS pack B £10.90
7mm 7695 UKF Fertilisers TTA tank £9.90