Waterslide 3d rivets

Railtec is proud to offer a comprehensive range of waterslide 3d rivets, enabling you to recreate prototypical detail. These are:

  • 3d like the real thing;
  • Manufactured digitally so have perfectly consistent diameters and spacing;
  • Superbly and very crisply printed;
  • White in colour so the sheet can easily be painted/sprayed any top colour you like either before or after application to the model;
  • Versatile and applicable to all manner of items such as armoured vehicles, bridges, boats, airplanes and more.

Image courtesy of Cameron Dalziel. Click for larger version.

1:148 (2mm) scale
1:87 (HO) scale
1:76.2 (4mm) scale
1:43.5 (7mm) scale
1:35 scale
1:16 (3.5in) scale
7mm scale (O gauge 1:43.5) SINGLE rows of rivets
Distance between centres
Head Diameter ⌄ 1" (0.584mm) 2" (1.168mm) 3" (1.752mm) 4" (2.335mm)
¼" (0.146mm) 7mm-9201 7mm-9211 7mm-9221 7mm-9231
⅜" (0.219mm) 7mm-9202 7mm-9212 7mm-9222 7mm-9232
½" (0.292mm) 7mm-9203 7mm-9213 7mm-9223 7mm-9233
⅝" (0.365mm) 7mm-9204 7mm-9214 7mm-9224 7mm-9234
¾" (0.438mm) 7mm-9205 7mm-9215 7mm-9225 7mm-9235
⅞" (0.511mm) N/A 7mm-9216 7mm-9226 7mm-9236
1" (0.584mm) N/A 7mm-9217 7mm-9227 7mm-9237
1⅛" (0.657mm) N/A 7mm-9218 7mm-9228 7mm-9238
1¼" (0.73mm) N/A 7mm-9219 7mm-9229 7mm-9239
1½" (0.87mm) N/A 7mm-9220 7mm-9230 7mm-9240

7mm scale (O gauge 1:43.5) DOUBLE rows of rivets
Distance between centres
Head Diameter ⌄ 1" (0.584mm) 2" (1.168mm) 3" (1.752mm) 4" (2.335mm)
¼" (0.146mm) 7mm-9201D 7mm-9211D 7mm-9221D 7mm-9231D
⅜" (0.219mm) 7mm-9202D 7mm-9212D 7mm-9222D 7mm-9232D
½" (0.292mm) 7mm-9203D 7mm-9213D 7mm-9223D 7mm-9233D
⅝" (0.365mm) 7mm-9204D 7mm-9214D 7mm-9224D 7mm-9234D
¾" (0.438mm) 7mm-9205D 7mm-9215D 7mm-9225D 7mm-9235D
⅞" (0.511mm) N/A 7mm-9216D 7mm-9226D 7mm-9236D
1" (0.584mm) N/A 7mm-9217D 7mm-9227D 7mm-9237D
1⅛" (0.657mm) N/A 7mm-9218D 7mm-9228D 7mm-9238D
1¼" (0.73mm) N/A 7mm-9219D 7mm-9229D 7mm-9239D
1½" (0.87mm) N/A 7mm-9220D 7mm-9230D 7mm-9240D