"For D&E era, Railtec really are the best." Tim Shackleton, Hornby Magazine
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Semaphore / trackside (Stop Look Listen, Do not trespass, etc)
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Make: Railtec
Gauge: 2mm / N
Type: Waterslide
Cost: £4.50
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Themes:Trackside environment :: Station environment :: Signalling
Eras:Big Four :: Early Emblem :: BR Late Crest :: BR Pre-TOPS :: BR Blue TOPS :: Sectorisation :: Privatisation

  • Note the print on these is crisp and professional. There are a number of cheap home-made variants printed on a home laser printer with fuzzy print quality which have flooded the market.
  • No more hassle when it comes to detailing semaphore signals! Simply paint them white and apply the necessary transfers. Perfect, crisp lines. Save yourself the pain of painting each separate colour / cleaning your brushes.
  • Semaphore size caters for most manufacturers.
  • Limited Clearance signs.
  • "Warning - do not trespass" signs.
  • "Stop Look Listen" signs.
  • Includes telephone etc markings.

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