"For D&E era, Railtec really are the best." Tim Shackleton, Hornby Magazine
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DRS compass fade mk2 3-pack (TSO, BSO/DBSO)
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Make: Railtec
Gauge: 2mm / N
Type: Waterslide
Cost: £12.90
Qty in stock: 5
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Also available in: 4mm, 7mm

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Themes:Complete coaches
Livery:DRS/Ocean Liner

  • ONLY AT RAILTEC:Fire handles, battery box hazard symbols, vacuum brake stars, isolating cock instructions for that exquisite level of detail.
  • ONLY AT RAILTEC:Correct vehicle end data and C1 markings conveniently positioned together, Guard and load restriction markings.
  • ONLY AT RAILTEC: Compasses have the correct lens flare and are not simply a flat white/turquoise.
  • Choice of 5810, 5919, 5971, 5995, 6001, 6008, 6064, 6117, 6173, 9521 and 9707.
  • As seen with the Fife Circle Saltire rake, transfers for which are available here.
  • Includes spares.

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