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BR standard 12t banana vans
Product code: 4mm-6700 Home > Transfers > 4mm British

Make: Railtec
Gauge: 4mm / OO
Type: Waterslide
Cost: £5.50
Qty in stock: 3
Qty in basket:
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Also available in: 7mm

Themes:Boxed freight vans
Eras:BR Late Crest :: BR Pre-TOPS :: BR Blue TOPS

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    4mm 6306 10t / 13t wooden opens: Private Owner P prefix £4.90
    4mm 1361 Handwritten chalk destinations: South / South-west £4.50
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    4mm 6691 24t Vanfit VDA van: full detail pack A £4.50
    4mm 6424 BR 12t vents no TOPS - B prefixes pack B £4.50
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    4mm 6931 MSV iron ore tipplers for stone £8.90
    4mm 1362 Handwritten chalk destinations: Scotland £4.50