"For D&E era, Railtec really are the best." Tim Shackleton, Hornby Magazine
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Royal Scotsman 37428 (unlined version)
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Make: Railtec
Gauge: 7mm / O
Type: Waterslide
Cost: £3.50
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Also available in: TT, 4mm

Themes:Complete locos :: Charter & railtour stock

ONLY AT RAILTEC is this item spot printed/filmless - meaning it has no superfluous carrier film so you don't have to cut close to the print, contains true vibrant colours, withstands regular handling, has perfect print registration, has no fuzzy half-toning nor join lines in the print, and is compatible with enamels. Click here to see what sets Railtec apart.

  • Pioneering 3d transfer plates by Railtec. See this superb example of a 3d plate & crest on Woody Bee's 7mm 33025.
  • Later variant of the livery which is unlined.
  • Need the Loch Awe / Loch Long 3d nameplates? Check out item 7mm-PL1005.
  • Need the 3d Royal Scotsman crests and EWS beasties? Check out item 7mm-PL1004.
  • Royal Scotsman crests and EWS beasties are also 3D printed and stand proud of the loco, just like the real thing.
  • ONLY AT RAILTEC: Correct variant of OHL flashes and data panels for this specific loco.
  • Need the orange cantrail lining? Check out pack 7mm-1088.

  • ONLY AT RAILTEC: Includes mounting screws in correct positions where applicable for that exquisite detail.
  • ONLY AT RAILTEC: Correct radii of plate corners. The attention to detail sets a new standard.
  • 3D printing process updated and enhanced August 2021 to give a superlative realistic finish.
  • No more filing thin metal off a sprue! Pioneering 3D transfers give the correct raised detail and are preferred by many to etched.
  • New technology allows you to move beyond outdated flat 2D transfers which cannot replicate any raised detail. Find out more about our unique 3D transfers here.

  • Pete Waterman, OBE:      "The 3D plates are so good I'm still speechless. This is the end of etched for cast plates."
    Tim Shackleton
    Hornby Magazine:
    "3D transfers open up the world of finely detailed etched plates without any of the hassle and expense."

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