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Complete loco: DRS class 37 blue rectangle livery (w/ web)
Product code: HO-1996 Home > Transfers > HO British

Make: Railtec
Gauge: HO / 1:87
Type: Waterslide
Cost: £3.50
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Also available in: 2mm, 4mm

Themes:Complete locos
Livery:DRS/Ocean Liner

This item needs to be printed. Please allow up to 14 days, though often it's much sooner.
  • ONLY AT RAILTEC: Includes a spare of main livery elements.
  • ONLY AT RAILTEC: Contains correct data panels, front/side numbers and both styles of electrification flashes. 37038/087 carried the thinner type whilst 37515 carried the shorter/fatter variant.
  • If you need the variant where the main blue rectangle, located on the middle of the looc, does NOT have the web address, then check out pack 4mm-1999.
  • Everything you need (with the exception of cantrail lining) to complete 1 loco.
  • Includes Cockney sparrows to accompany 37087.
  • Need the orange cantrail lining? Check out pack 4mm-1089.