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Tinsley (TI) snails incl Toton (TO) rabbits
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Make: Railtec
Gauge: 4mm / OO
Type: Waterslide
Cost: £3.90
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Themes:Tinsley locos :: Complete locos :: Unofficial names
Livery:BR Blue
Eras:BR Blue TOPS :: Sectorisation

ONLY AT RAILTEC is this item spot printed/filmless - meaning it has no superfluous carrier film so you don't have to cut close to the print, contains true vibrant colours, withstands regular handling, has perfect print registration, has no fuzzy half-toning nor join lines in the print, and is compatible with enamels. Click here to see what sets Railtec apart.

  • Selection of left and right-facing TI snails as applied to class 45s as seen here.
  • Selection of TO rabbits in white as applied to class 45s.
  • Selection of TO rabbits in black as applied to some class 58s as seen here.
  • Includes selection of TI, E and M markings in white.
  • Dedicated packs for all Tinsley's unofficially named locos gradually being released.
  • With thanks to former Tinsley staff for their kind assistance in bringing this authenticity.

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